What is a D'Addario NY Steel?

What is a D'Addario NY Steel?

Kronig Music Technical Services on 8th Apr 2021

You may see the term "NY Steel" mentioned on several D'Addario strings such as: NYXL range, NB range and the new XSAPB Range.  But what exactly is NY steel?

D'Addario introduced NY steel to its EXP acoustic strings and some banjo sets in 2015. Engineered to stay in tune better, this technology will sustain D’Addario’s iconic acoustic sound--both stronger and longer.

Processed in a revamped production facility in Farmingdale New York and using advanced machinery and processes, the high carbon steel optimises tuning stability and delivers superior break resistance.

So basically, "NY Steel" is D'Addario's proprietary steel core wire built on almost 100 years of string building experience